We exist because traditional
recruitment training doesn't work.

Recruiters approach to BD is not consistent.

So they get inconsistent results.

Optimise your process

It's why rookie's results are hit and miss.
And can take so long to start billing regularly.

What can I do different
James Higgins

All around - a great experience when working with Ben, Ben's advice & and support have truly changed the way we approached new business from an outbound call all the way to pitching. The platform we gained from this has led to increased fill rates, exclusivity & and retained searches. Ben took time to understand everyone's quirks & and styles and understood actions to be taken from our conversations. I would feel comfortable & and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ben to anyone looking to improve their BD process.

Building Global Multi Omics & Diagnostics Teams
Michael Carter

Ben certainly knows his stuff, he gave us a completely different perspective around strategizing our business development. As an agency we have rolled out the Playbook & are noticing a difference already in the quality of the conversations & sales calls that the consultants are having across the board. Differentiating in a crowded market is imperative & with some minor & major tweaks Ben has allowed us to do that whilst sticking to our strengths & company values. Highly recommend.

Co Founder at Change Recruitment
Danny Westwood

Ben took the time to pass on some incredibly solid advice that reshaped the way I think about recruiting. Thanks Ben!

Meta Recruitment Marketing Consultant.
Adam Tiberius

Ben has been absolutely instrumental in the development & deployment of our global business development strategy. Not only has the system designed by Ben now been baked into company-wide business development processes, but we have now seen the results scale at pace across new geographies and emerging markets. Ben has caused me to think differently about every aspect of how we onboard clients and most importantly - why. This has now had a substantial impact on exclusivity rates, fill rates and fees for accounts onboarded using the process we developed together.

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