Processes which produce results.

Recruitment has evolved. Training hasn't.

The Solution?

In today's modern era, the old-school BD approach returns you hard-to-fill jobs with low fees and little excitement. Promising to find candidates is simply not enough anymore.

To scale, you must evolve. Grow Develop. Commit.

Few recruitment businesses truly ever dominate their niche, even in a small geographical patch. Most compete in a daily race. A race to place, failing to shake off their rivals.

Those who prosper and rise above nail three things:

Maximise success – they fill the highest proportion of the roles they work.

Maximise value
– they get paid what they are worth, whether they fill the role or not.

Maximise opportunities
– they win loyal clients who hire more often, reducing the burden of BD.

What is Needed?

Process prior to Performance.

Scale requires sustainable results. But performance is inconsistent, no matter how good the coaching. Building a sustainable business means mastering the way you win the business

You need a simple, unified approach to winning high-quality business and to effortlessly convert ‘customers’ on a spreadsheet into ‘partners’ in person who trust you implicitly.

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A Sales Strategy?

Engaging with high-quality clients in today’s market requires more than a good sales call. Much more.

It requires strategy first, paired with an innovative process. Crucially, it requires a clear message which cuts through the crap of 90% of recruiters who don’t have one.

But it doesn’t stop there. The message needs to solve the client’s problems. It needs to be delivered with absolute clarity. And it needs to be timed perfectly.

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An Innovative Process?

Process means speccing candidates and following up with calls, right?


A process means a tried and tested formula combining the activities that yield the highest number of responses.

A process means understanding the problems you solve and creating a content plan that places that message at its heart.

A process means ensuring perfect timing to win the best business, using the right triggers at the right time.

A process means building a sales pipeline that consistently generates short, medium, and long-term results.

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What do We do?

Everything you’ve just read and so much more!

Put simply; we create everything a recruiter could possibly need to succeed at BD.

Making selling fun. Ensuring it’s consultative. Inspiring high performance.

The Resonant Sales Playbook is every element of BD, unified into a single, coherent strategy.

A holistic and cohesive methodology which builds confident consultants who know they can deliver consistent results.

It shows them the way off the rollercoaster. And they’ll never look back.

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